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The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association recruits members all year round

May 1, 2021

The nunchuck class is fully launched, and enrollment is all year round!

Beginner entry class, advanced exercise class, advanced training elite class, professional coaching class, private instruction class,

Action Refinement Class, Teamwork Class, Free Flexibility Class!

I understand the preciousness of time. It is better to experience comprehensive nunchuck training than to find effective improvement in the same time. I understand the charm of unique tricks. If online books and media cannot satisfy technology, let me share 20 years of experience. the stick road. There is no need to learn from me. If you learn my core professors, you will definitely go down the wrong road for ten years. I will know if you click, because I really came over! It's not hard to find me, it's hard to decide to leave!

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