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other products

Some product styles, due to limited quantities, are only available for purchase by members of the Association.

To purchase, please Whatsapp 51324032 for enquiry.

Xiangyun Ruyi Gold Hoop Bracelet

Ruyi Gold Hoop Bracelet

Titanium steel

Three-layer 925 silver plated

Six-character Great Ming Mantra carved on the inner ring

The opening design of the bracelet can adjust the width by yourself

Color: Silver/Black/Gold


[Hidden Dragon]
Limited Ebony Dragon Carved Nunchaku Box

Material: Ebony


Outside: 37*6.5*5.3cm

Inside: 35*5*3.7cm

Fits 2.2 diameter nunchucks


Teacher Cui Chengan x Liu Wanliang
Nunchuck Poster Series

A set of 5 Cui Chengan nunchaku series A3 posters,

There are still a few, while stocks last!


Teacher Cui Chengan 2017 limited poster set

A set of 6 A3 posters of Cui Chengan's works,

Quantities are small, while stocks last!


Teacher Choi Sungan Limited (The Legend of the Dragon)
Three Crystal Drawing Board Sets

Teacher Cui Chengan, limited edition (Legend of the Dragon) three crystal drawing board sets,

There is still a small amount, hurry up and buy it! !


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