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nunchaku workshop

  • 1 小
  • 300 港元
  • 長沙灣道


Knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do. lets fighting nunchaku. 單是知道是不足夠的,必須加以應用 ; 單是有心是不足夠的,必須加以實踐。來一齊揮動雙節棍!! 每堂300元 $300@ 1)Comfortable sportswear 舒適運動服 2)We provide nunchaku equipment. 我們會提供練習器材 我的影片: Benefits of Nunchaku Training Concentration: Training with nunchaku improves focus. Concentration is needed when grasping new motions and techniques. Building concentration will help you improve your productivity. Coordination: Muscular coordination develops as you practise, the connection between mind and body is greatly improved. Strength & fitness: Training with nunchaku is exercise; you will tone your muscles and improve your core strength and stability. If you train hard you will get out of breath, work up a sweat and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Creativity: The doors of creativity open. Practise the moves you have learnt consistently and you will soon you find yourself developing new ideas. Training can be very therapeutic and stress relieving. When your creative channels are open you will be much more prone to tackling problems or obstacles in your life quickly and effectively. Exercising your imagination has a long list of benefits. Persistence & Determination: Having training goals and completing them will give you a sense of achievement, and whether you like it or not your self-esteem will increase every time you accomplish a new



  • 香港九龍荔枝角長沙灣道790號

    +852 51324032

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