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What is "Yuewu Dao"

self defense

Since Vietnam has been invaded by France, China, and Japan for a long time in modern times, various martial arts defense techniques have also prevailed with the invaders. Viet Martial Arts is a kind of boxing method that combines Chinese Lingnan boxing, Korean taekwondo, Japanese karate, North Vietnamese traditional wrestling, South Vietnamese martial arts, Western Thai boxing and fighting fighting that was colonized by France. Martial arts are strategic techniques such as kicking, hitting, throwing, grappling, etc. It is called the earliest "comprehensive martial arts".
There is a strong foundation of Southern Shaolin Hongjia boxing skills in Yue Wu Dao boxing, Oriental culture upholds principle and righteousness, Europe and the United States are hot and direct and light, including all kinds of boxing methods and equipment, fans, short sticks, umbrellas, and daily necessities can be used as weapons. . And firstly established the blue, yellow and red belt rank system, rigorously distinguishing beginners, entry-level beginners, preparatory coaches, coaches, preparatory teachers, teachers and leucorrhea with the most advanced masters, as a symbol of ability, responsibility, contribution, and respect.
Viet Martial Arts was unified by Nguyen Loc in the 1940s, hoping to arouse the patriotic spirit of young people through martial arts. Compared with other martial arts in Taiwan, Yue Wu Dao has more free, open and rich attacking skills. The classic "Dragon Zhen" move of Yuewu Dao is to jump up with both legs and use the inside of the legs to pinch the opponent's neck, instantly knocking the opponent out and knocking him to the ground. Not only has a national movement formed in Southeast Asia, but a sophisticated and complete self-defense teaching system has spread all over the world, even in Europe, the United States, and Australia.
The International Viet Budo Alliance was established in 1973. Since Vietnam was once ruled by France and the two countries have close exchanges, there are a large number of French students studying Viet Martial Arts, which has a far-reaching influence on the European continent in Viet Martial Arts. In addition to this, there are also numerous Yuewu Taoist gyms in southern European countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

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