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Course Introduction
Course Introduction
The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association, recruits students throughout the year.
3-80 years old, as long as they are interested, they can participate in our nunchaku practice, both inside and outside, coordination of left and right hands, improve physical fitness, strengthen reaction and concentration.
Nunchaku comprehensive training routines, offensive and defensive awareness, visual stage, stretch body and mind.
Children learn etiquette and discipline; young people exercise patience, endurance, and perseverance; older friends relax tendons, and strengthen their hearts and bodies! !

Course CategoryCourse Category

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Children Nunchaku Lesson

Children's Nunchaku Class


Adult Nunchaku Lesson

Adult Nunchaku Class


Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Basic Martial Arts Lesson.jpg

Basic Martial Arts Lesson

Basic Martial Arts Class for Children


Elder Nunchaku Lesson

Senior Nunchaku Class


Team Building

Team activity training 

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Youth Nunchaku Lesson

Youth Nunchaku Class


Private Lesson

Private 1-to-1 class

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