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Nunchaku History
The origin and spirit of the nunchuck

1. The origin of nunchucks (1) Overview The history of nunchucks has a long history, and its evolution process was produced and developed with the needs of ancient wars.

The original shape of the nunchaku is the shovel stick, which is evolved from the flail of the farm tool for threshing wheat. The flail is used for threshing crops. It is called differently in various parts of our country. In some areas, it is called a stick, a hammer and so on. As the originator of the nunchaku, the flail was first born in ancient Egypt and has a history of more than 3,500 years. The earliest written records of flails in my country were found in the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2,500 years ago. Later, flails appeared in other parts of the world, but they appeared relatively late.


The earliest record of the stick can be found in Mozi's Art of War in the early Warring States Period in my country. Inspired by the flail, for the need to defend the city during the war, Master Mozi invented the Lian Ting, that is, the Dashaozi stick, which is recorded in Mozi's Sixteenth Art of War in "Mozi·Preparing the City Gate" and "Mozi·· Prepare Efu". "Mozi·Preparation of the City Gate" lists it as one of the main defense equipment, requiring the city to be "connected in two steps". "Mozi·Bei'Efu" states: "The length of the spine is two feet, the length of the cable is six inches, and the length of the cable is two feet." The so-called spine here refers to the tip of the spine, and the cable is the chain that connects the tip and the handle.  

Shaozi sticks appeared in Europe around the middle of the Middle Ages and were mainly used for immediate combat. Most of Southeast Asia and other regions were imported from my country during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  

Mozi was once a master craftsman on the same level as Lu Ban, and he was also the founder of the Mohist school. In the chaotic era of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there were frequent wars. Mozi and Lu Ban used their excellent craftsmanship to design equipment for defense and attack respectively. The Shaozi Stick was invented by Master Mozi against this background. Therefore, we can solemnly declare: Nunchaku originated in ancient China.  

There are many ways to call the instruments that are basically the same as the shovel stick, such as "Lian Ting", "Flail Stick", "Iron Chain Clamping Stick", etc. Some are a combination of two sections, some are a combination of multiple sections, some are used immediately, and some are used in use it step by step.

The ancestors of nunchucks and nunchucks have officially withdrawn from the stage of history as a powerful weapon in the bloody battle and defense. Today's nunchucks have been re-presented in the world as an effective mass fitness equipment. In front of us, and our Hong Kong Nunchaku Association is the leader of this emerging project.

(2) Dashaozistick In the early Warring States period, the outstanding scientist, thinker and military strategist Mozi was inspired by the flail, and invented the Dashaozi stick out of the need to defend the city during the war.

Dashaozizhu emerged from time to time and emerged, and thus began his historical mission of more than 2,500 years.

The shaft connection between the long and short sticks limits the striking direction of the short sticks, so it is changed to an iron chain and iron ring connection, that is, a link, so that the running direction of the short sticks is universal, which improves the striking frequency and flexibility. At the same time, the short stick is also changed to the same thickness as the long stick, which increases the striking power. The Dashaozi stick has techniques such as swinging, splitting, cutting, smashing, stabbing, picking, sweeping, turning, blocking, etc., as well as unique swinging, hanging and other techniques, which are handy to use, especially for sweeping the enemy's horse legs in war. It is extremely effective at slashing infantry with shields and soldiers climbing towers.

Laughing at the ups and downs of history, the situation is changing, and the Dashaozistick is still inherited and developed in our country with its strong vitality.
(3) In the practice of ancient warfare, due to the needs of infantry in close combat, it is not only necessary to deal with the enemy with long weapons such as the big stick, but when the long weapons or long weapons are lost in the melee, the close quarters are useless. , the small tip stick inserted in the waist will come in handy, and it can be pulled out from the waist to strike the enemy or hold one end in each hand to strangle the enemy with an iron chain. Because it is short, powerful, flexible and changeable, it is extremely lethal. The structure of the small stick and the big stick is the same, and the long and short sticks are two feet and one foot respectively. When dancing, hold the long end, or the short end, or both hands.

Xiao Shaozi, also known as Shou Shaozi, can be used in doubles or single practice, and can be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as single-knife, Teng card, etc. It is a dexterous and practical melee weapon.

Therefore, because of its unique function, the small stick has a place in many weapons in our country, and it continues to this day.

(4) After the development of traditional nunchaku and modern nunchaku, it has evolved into a traditional nunchaku mainly made of wood and iron materials. The chain is lengthened, and the two sections are of equal length, which better balances the two sections. The operation increases the strike force. In use, the hands can be interchanged, and the stick body can be interchanged. The dance is more flexible and changeable, it can be swayed freely, the movements are elusive, the sounds hit the east and the west, and it is unexpected.

In modern times, nunchucks and modern science are skillfully combined. There are many kinds of modern nunchucks with different characteristics, which greatly enriches the types of nunchucks and makes nunchakus jump out of the category of war and martial arts. A new vision of fitness performance entertainment, modern nunchucks are mainly made of aluminum alloy, foam and other materials, and the length of the stick body and chain length are also adjusted according to different technical characteristics, especially the silver flame series products are represented. , lightness and professionalism are the leading ideas, which maximizes the number of suitable people, thereby greatly increasing the feasibility of social promotion, enabling most people to practice nunchucks. Huge boost.

(5) After nearly ten years of excavation, sorting and innovation, and through in-depth study and discussion, the stick way fully inherits the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts and integrates modern nunchaku techniques, and has launched a standardized, scientific, systematic and safe new The nunchuck products, teaching and operation system of the company are suitable for all ages, healthy and fashionable.

Routines and techniques with different technical characteristics have been developed for different groups of people, which are not only suitable for middle-aged and elderly fitness and entertainment, but also suitable for inter-class exercises and physical education classes in large, middle and primary schools, and are also suitable for special military combat combat. At the same time, specially developed exercises suitable for disabled people The nunchucks enable them to build up self-confidence and self-improvement. At the same time, adhering to the cudgel "knowing propriety, gratitude, focus, persistence, self-discipline, responsibility, sharing" promoted by Chinese martial arts, it is committed to promoting the nunchaku sport and bringing the enduring nunchaku sport culture of Hong Kong to all countries in the world. Bring out new ideas and new ways of healthy and happy living. To make nunchuck lovers strengthen their bodies, hone their will, cultivate their morality, and love others, and spare no effort to create a harmonious society.

After years of development, Gundao Nunchaku has gradually improved, established unique core advantages, and won wide recognition from people.

The appearance of the safety sponge nunchaku guarantees the safety of the constrained pair training, which makes the nunchaku competition possible. This is an improvement on the basis of fitness, and it is also important for the protection and inheritance of traditional Chinese nunchaku sports. The way is the foundation of the development and promotion of the nunchaku movement. Only by showing the strong charm of the nunchaku movement can the nunchaku movement be popularized and promoted to the greatest extent.

2. The spirit of nunchucks Nunchakus are two sticks linked in the middle, like friends walking hand in hand, it interprets the spirit of cooperation and care of nunchucks, and it interprets the meaning of promoting the health and harmony of nunchucks , This is the broad connotation of the nunchuck itself for human beings. Whether we promote nunchucks, practitioners or all friends who pay attention to nunchucks, they are all friends who are connected by a bond. This bond is nunchucks. We will unite as one and walk hand in hand.

3. Inheritance of Nunchucks The Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation is committed to letting 10 million people around the world understand and learn the concept of nunchucks. Actively promote standardized nunchuck teaching around the world. Realize all the dreams of nunchuck lovers in the field of nunchucks with heart. Committed to promoting the culture of nunchuck sports and making it popular in Hong Kong. Through media dissemination, teaching courses and stage performances, publicize the legal, safe, correct and healthy nunchuck message! Let the time-honored nunchuck culture once again be carried forward and a hundred flowers bloom! The nunchaku sports culture created by comprehensive martial arts, stage visual elements, and fighting skills. Bring out the nunchuck sports culture and the spirit of Hong Kong through Bruce Lee's martial arts culture. Since the establishment of Hong Kong, the only organization with nunchucks as the mainstay, inherits the culture and promotes the way of sticks.

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