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Life Honorary Chairman - Mr.  Tsui  Shing-on

Forever Honorary President - Teacher Cui Chengan

Biography of Mr. Tsui  Shing-on:

Mr. Tsui  Shing-on,  a  professional illustrator, artist, designer and photographer.  Mr. Tsui moved to Hong Kong from Canton "Gao Yeu" Province during the 1950's. He studied Chinese calligraphy and fine arts at Ling Hai Art School in Hong Kong. After graduating, he worked as a photographer and illustrator in companies such as Ming Pao Daily News and Sister's Press, produced artwork for TVB,  HKTV, RTV, RTHK, Commercial TV, Camera City Company Ltd, Jademan Holding Ltd. and Golden Harvest (Film Company). In 1997, Mr. Tsui immigrated to Canada and started teaching painting and drawing while experimenting with many mediums. He was an art teacher for the Vancouver School Board and provided private art lessons in his home studio. He was a consultant for various stage plays and TV programs. In 2003, Mr. Tsui scored a 1st Runner Up award in a competitor's choice and wood carving division in the Central Fraser Valley's Wood Carving Competition. His winning piece is one of his wood burnings of Bruce Lee.


Profile of Teacher Cui Chengan:

Cui Chengan, a native of Gaoyao County, Guangdong Province, immigrated to Hong Kong in the 1950s and studied Western painting and Chinese painting at the "Linghai Art College". Since 1986, he has been engaged in photography and art work. His service organizations include Ming Pao Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Jade Dynasty, TVB, Lai's TV, Jiayi TV, RTHK, Golden Harvest and Cinematheque, etc. Immigrated to Canada in 1997, taught painting at the Canadian Education Bureau and privately, and also participated in art work such as television and drama. In 2003, he participated in the engraving competition held in Canada with a piece of Bruce Lee pyrograph, and won the championship of the pyrograph expert group, the overall championship and the contestant's choice.

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