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 Nunchaku Accessories
Nunchaku jewelry

Some product styles, due to limited quantities, are only available for purchase by members of the Association.

To purchase, please Whatsapp 51324032 for enquiry.

Demon Subduing Demon Ruyi 925 Nunchaku Necklace

Subduing demons and subduing demons wishful nunchucks! !

Polished 18k platinum, sterling silver 925.

Six-character Daming curse stick body!

Tin claw top! !

a! !

Om ma ni bai me huM! ! !

925 Nunchaku Limited Edition! !

Primary color version and toasted black version.


Sandalwood Mini Finger Nunchaku

Mini wooden hidden finger nunchaku unit price:

Small Leaf Rosewood (Limited Edition) HK$250

Purple Sandalwood (Limited Edition) HK$220

Green Sandalwood (Evergreen) HK$200

Red Sandalwood (Limited Edition) HK$180

African Ebony (Evergreen) HK$150


Two packs of SF Express

Titanium Alloy Mini Finger Nunchaku
(Snowflake Special Edition)

Finger Nunchaku, 11cm long



Two packs of SF Express

Exclusive Nunchuck Signature Pen (Discontinued)

Made of pure brass, you can customize the laser text 117*9.5mm on each side; 88 grams

Can be bought individually, can be customized individually, can be customized in large quantities

Inquiries welcome

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