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Nunchaku System
Nunchaku system

 Hong Kong Nunchaku Association nunchaku passport is a membership of records or identification assessment and promotion of nunchaku levels. It's eight level and eight Dan, is a comprehensive evaluation the level of hierarchy nunchaku lesson. This certificate shall be certified by Hong Kong Nunchaku Association. 

The Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation rank certificate is to certify that the member has been promoted to the nunchuck rank in the identification and record assessment. Master Liu Wanliang established the nunchaku eight-level and eight-dan system, which integrates bodywork, footwork, legwork, eyework and techniques. Each level has different assessment requirements and standards.

Integrate hand-changing skills, rebounding skills, dancing flowers, leaving hands, exerting force, throwing sticks, closing sticks and finger skills throughout the nunchaku technique. It is a grade system that comprehensively evaluates the level of nunchuck learners.

The eight-level and eight-dan system of the Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation are:

Yellow Belt Level 1 (LV1), Yellow Belt Level 2 (LV2),

Le Cordon Bleu Level 1 (LV3), Le Cordon Bleu Level 2 (LV4),

Purple Belt Level 1 (LV5), Purple Belt Level 2 (LV6),

Brown Band 1 (LV7), Brown Band 2 (LV8).

Assessment requirements: Students have studied nunchucks in the Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation for not less than three months, and completed the level 1 assessment with an attendance rate of not less than 80%. The test date is once every three months. If you fail to pass the test, you need to succeed in the next test before you can be promoted to the number of stages. This assessment system is jointly approved by the International Nunchaku Federation and the World Nunchaku Association. Students can apply based on the results of the assessment in Hong Kong to obtain the world's nunchuck technical recognition.

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