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Course Timetable
class timetable
Beginner entry class, advanced exercise class, advanced study elite class,
Professional coaching classes, private instruction classes, action refining classes,
Teamwork classes, flexible classes at will!
Nunchaku Course Information:
Classes in Lai Chi Kok District:
Child/Junior Class Time (Suitable for 6+ years old)

Every Saturday 10-11am/11-12pm/12-1/1-2pm
Every Sunday 9-10/10-11am
Youth/adult class times (for ages 12+):
Every Tuesday or Thursday 2-3/3-4/4-5pm
Saturday 4-5/5-6/6-7pm
Special Class 7-9pm
Sunday 11am-12pm/12-1pm/1-2pm
Extra classes (Lai Chi Kok):
Youth class time (suitable for 12+)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1-4pm (reservation required)
Every Saturday 2-3/3-4pm
Weekday Night Shift (Lai Chi Kok):
Youth/Adult Class Time (for 12+)
Tuesday or Thursday 6-7/7-8pm
Tseung Kwan O LOHAS Park Class (Lingdu Platform):
Comprehensive Class (Suitable for 6+ years old)
Every Monday or Friday night
5-6 / 7-8pm
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