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The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association (HKNA), established on August 25, 2016, is dedicated to the professional promotion and dissemination of nunchaku sports and culture in Hong Kong. Our organization aims to expand the art and culture of Hong Kong Nunchaku on an international scale.

To achieve this goal, we have formed the World Nunchaku Association (Hong Kong) and aligned ourselves with the WNA's graduation system. The HKNA and WNA (Hong Kong) are jointly managed by a synchronized team, which mutually validates each other's graduation systems, development initiatives, promotional events, coaching programs, coach trainings, and participation in competitions.

Under the leadership of Chairperson Mr. Jerry Lau, HKNA and WNA (Hong Kong) will continue to actively engage in promotional activities, local performances, and competitions, reflecting our dedication to furthering the reach and influence of nunchaku sports and culture in Hong Kong and beyond.

Mr. Liu Wanliang JERRY LAU , founder of Hong Kong Nunchaku Association, after years of research and travels around the world to visit and exchange with nunchaku organizations, fully inherits the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts and integrates modern nunchaku techniques to open the world's nunchaku development. For the first time, a unique and complete teaching and training nunchaku eight-level and eight-dan system has been formed. This mature nunchuck system has been demonstrated and recognized by well-known experts at home and abroad, and has been designated by the Hong Kong General Manager as the basis for the theory and technology to be promoted to the world.

The mission of the Hong Kong Nunchaku Association is to popularize and popularize the nunchaku sport to the world, so that people from all over the world can achieve harmony, universal love, health and harmony through practicing nunchucks, thereby promoting social progress.

Promote the legal, safe, correct and healthy nunchuck message by holding classes and performances. Actively promote the nunchuck cultural movement, so that the day will come when it is popularized in various regions. Taking advantage of the strong alliances in China and Hong Kong to create a stronger, more rigorous structure, more technology-led and scientific and large-scale teaching, gradually let the culture of the nunchuck movement penetrate all levels, gradually introduce cross-regional technical exchanges, and improve technology , competitive competitions and large-scale performances! ! !


The nunchuck road promoted by the Hong Kong Nunchaku Association:

Courtesy, gratitude, focus, persistence, self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, sharing


The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association mainly works in the following three areas:


1. In terms of organizational construction
    Actively absorb and develop nunchuck groups, organizations and individuals from all over the world to join the alliance, continuously expand the organization network of the alliance, and promote the dissemination of nunchaku culture and technology.


2. In terms of business construction
    Organize member units and individual members to participate in various nunchaku training, competitions and technical exchanges; excavate the history and culture of nunchucks, organize industry experts to hold international academic seminars on nunchaku sources, gundao, and skills; actively organize and develop nunchucks R&D and innovation of new nunchaku products and new technologies, and certify and promote nunchaku products and technologies around the world.


3. In terms of system construction
    Establish and improve the standardized teaching system and scientific training system for nunchucks, formulate general international competition rules for nunchucks; establish a technical level promotion, assessment and management system for nunchuck students, coaches, and referees; establish nunchaku products and technologies Certification standards and certification systems.

4. In terms of future developments

The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association has developed the nunchaku sport culture, in order to let more like-minded and enthusiastic people around the world understand and systematically learn nunchucks. More attentively to realize all the dreams of nunchuck lovers in the field of nunchucks. The World Nunchaku Federation will be established in the future to develop business promotion organizations in various countries and regions around the world. It has now cooperated with mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Canada , the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Brazil and other groups or organizations in nearly 15 countries have reached the intention of establishing national or regional organizations, hoping that other countries or regions intend to join the World Nunchaku Federation (Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation) Groups or organizations should contact the Council of the Association as soon as possible.

The World Nunchaku Association is a large family of nunchaku enthusiasts from all countries and regions in the world, sincerely welcoming nunchaku organisations from all five continents to join the alliance.

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