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Special Note: Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. When you start to use this website, it is deemed that you have read these terms carefully, agree to accept all the specifications of this Terms of Service and are willing to be bound by them. The Nunchaku Association ( is legally binding.


To the extent permitted by law, this website hereby declares that it does not undertake any direct, indirect, incidental, subordinate, special, Punitive or exemplary damages (including, but not limited to, earnings, loss of anticipated profits or lost business, unrealized anticipated savings).


Article 1. All data and charts published on this website are for reference only, and do not serve as guidance or advice for any behavior. This website cannot identify the intellectual copyright of the uploaded pictures or text. If there is any infringement, please notify us in time, and this website will be deleted as soon as possible.

Article 2. Users of this website shall take full responsibility for the content they provide in accordance with the law, and this website does not assume any responsibility.

Article 3. The content uploaded by users of this website only represents the views of the author and does not represent the views of this website. If you violate the "Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China", you are responsible for all the consequences, and this website does not assume any responsibility.

Article 4. The content of this website is protected and bound by relevant laws and regulations such as Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Advertising Law, Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Dissemination Right, and users shall not reproduce, modify, or disseminate unless authorized by the rights holder. , make derivative works, or use them commercially. If users or other media, websites, other organizations or individuals want to use the contents of this website, they must first contact the author, relevant rights holders or this website.

Article 5. This website has the right to modify, suspend or terminate all or part of the services of this website at any time, which users can understand and accept.

Article 6. Any personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering caused by hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown caused by government control and other force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network, etc., This website is disclaimed.

Article 7. This website shall be exempted from liability for the leakage of personal data caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom.

Article 8 Anyone who logs in to this website or uses the information on this website directly or indirectly in any way is deemed to be voluntarily accepting the constraints of this website statement.

Article 9, the statement of this website and its right to amend, update and final interpretation belong to the Hong Kong Nunchaku Federation (


Protection of rights:

1. This website is a non-profit website. All resources are contributed by netizens, collected online or used for private communication and learning. The copyright belongs to the original author and source. Anything involving commercial profit shall not be used, otherwise all the consequences will be borne by you!

2. This site only provides an environment for observation and learning, and will not be legally responsible for any resources. Please delete all resources within 24 hours after downloading. If you inadvertently infringe on your copyright interests, please write to us. We process the information as soon as we receive it!

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