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Wulin League

Combined with the four major sports centers in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Shaolin, Hong Kong Nunchaku Association, Zhangjiaban, Trickstation, covering the world's most martial arts fields, to create Hong Kong "Guangwu Jian" comparable to Macau "Water Dancing". Replace "water" effect with stage "light" effect; replace "dance" with world "martial arts"

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Carol Interior Design   About Carol Interior Design: " Carol Interior Design  " Carrie Interior Design & Decoration Company " is a comprehensive decoration design company composed of designers who are passionate about interior decoration design . The professional decoration design team with more than 30 years of experience will respond to customers' daily habits, space planning, design style, material preferences and even home accessories matching needs, in order to fully meet the different design tastes of each customer, in order to serve customers. Bring the ideal home, to achieve "professional, innovative, secure" and "Live With Comfort". Services include interior design , home decoration , shop decoration , smart home , Stem Room design , furniture customization  ,  Demolition works , cleaning of furniture and minor works , etc.


Emerging Sports Association

The Emerging Sports Association is committed to introducing novel, exciting and fun emerging sports, promoting them to local schools, social welfare organizations, and companies, and promoting the participation of the whole people.
Sports For All, Health For All

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Flint Ideas Spark Creation Uniform Company

Introduction: " Flint Ideas Uniform Spark Creation Uniform " is one of the professional uniform companies . Provide one-stop high-quality uniform customization services for different customers. The product range consists of printed shirts and printed teeTeam Shirts , Polo Shirtswind jacketshirts ,  From sublimation jerseys to corporate and uniformed team uniforms, everything is included.


Hong Kong Pickleball Association

Introduction: Hong Kong local sports association that promotes and develops the sport of pickleball. The Association is an affiliate of the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP).

The Sports Association for promoting and developing Pickleball sport in Hong Kong.

Member Association of International Federation of Pickleball (IFP).

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Introduction: iMaker is a software development and professional SEO company , providing unique web design , mobile APP development and SEO services.

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Flint Ideas

Introduction: " Flint Ideas Spark Creation Style Coat Store ", as a truly comprehensive style jacket shop, provides professional custom- made and fashionable retail style jackets to meet the different needs of customers.

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Co-Wealth Management Consultant Limited

Introduction: Professional business consultant of "Co-Wealth Management Consultant Limited"  /  The corporate consultant team has more than 5 years of experience in applying for government funding, providing professional government funding consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong, covering different types of government funding schemes . As of mid-2019, Co-Wealth has assisted over 300 Hong Kong large, medium and small enterprises and institutions to apply for various government funding funds, helping them make good use of government resources and enhance the company's market competitiveness.

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labor insurance

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hand-made pest control

Introduction: The service provided by "Hand-made Pest Control" is aimed at the scourge of pests caused by the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, and uses various advanced and environmentally friendly equipment to carry out a series of pest control management. The company's services include environmental inspection, pre-occupancy pest prevention, home deep cleaning and disinfection, pest control and pest control management such as mosquito control , ant control, cockroach control, termite control, rodent control and bed bug control. In addition, it also provides formaldehyde removal, nano-natural disinfection services and post-decoration cleaning services to ensure a safe, comfortable and protected living environment for customers.

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Craftsman Daiku Design

Introduction: "Craftsman Daiku Design" is a local one-stop interior design and interior decoration company. We have always been committed to understanding the needs of customers and bringing them more comfortable, practical and personalized interior design, combining function, space, art, culture, Trend elements, bringing customers a home with meticulous and style. In Yunyun Design Company, "Craftsman Daiku Design" strives to stand out from the crowd. Our team is wholeheartedly devoted to professional interior decoration , home decoration , shop decoration , custom furniture and contracting business such as demolition and unauthorized construction .

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Introduction: "WhataReply" is an instant messaging platform for WhatsApp. Through your WhatsAppp number and daily operation system, you can use one number with your team at the same time ( multi-person customer service ), broadcast messages , auto-reply keywords and Automatic push notifications .

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Bad Boys Pest Control Company

Bad Boys Pest Control Company was inspired by Gordon Ramsay's Badboys Bakery, which we hope will help transform the lives of people recovering from drug addiction. Therefore, we have cooperated with the Hong Kong Christian New Life Association to recruit rehabilitated drug addicts from the church's Ark Action in a way that takes employment, sustainable development and social enterprise seriously, and help drug addicts rebuild their lives.


Most of the employees of Bad Boys Pest Control Company are rehabilitated drug addicts who are eager to be accepted by the society. Therefore, when rehabilitated drug addicts provide services such as pest control , termite extermination, and post-decoration cleaning , they help customers solve their immediate problems and improve their lives. , so as to achieve the slogan "Life Changing Experience" that our Bad Boys pest control company has implemented to this day, and the cost of the service will be returned to the church, not only to encourage the recovered people to give back to the society, but also to help more people who are tied to drug addiction as a past person. The quagmire of drug addicts go to a new life.


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Zhicheng Financial Insurance Consultant


Introduction: Sincere Zhicheng Financial Insurance Advisor is a new online type of insurance products and various financial management  , funds and investment protection products to provide professional advice.


Sincere Zhicheng Wealth Management Insurance Consultant is the platform for wealth management  、Provide product advice on investment types, from current savings , savings , MPF , tax deductions , funds , to future annuities , deferred annuities , annuity tax deductions , property purchases  , mortgage , education fund , inheritance , trust , asset allocation , wealth inheritance  , family office  , reverse mortgage , leveraged investment , fund investment , retirement planning , retirement wealth management , financial planning , policy loan , premium financing , etc., so that customers can flexibly improve protection or better plan their life according to their different needs.


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簡介:MOON FLORIST 網上花店自2017年起,專門提供網上預訂花束﹑ 送花 及度身訂製鮮花裝飾佈置服務。客戶包括國際知名奢侈時裝品牌及大型連鎖高級酒店,獲信任為香港花店推薦之一。


送花訂花訂花束網上訂花訂花推介送花服務花束花束訂購情人節花束訂情人節花束生日花束生日送花即日送花畢業花束訂畢業花束求婚花束求婚花母親節花束母親節花開張花籃開張花牌花籃結婚花球襟花帛事花籃白事花牌BB禮物籃初生嬰兒禮物中秋生果籃中秋禮盒永生花永生花擺設玫瑰熊玫瑰花熊 |花店推介 |送花推介花束種類99支玫瑰求婚99枝紅玫瑰玫瑰花束 |玫瑰花紅玫瑰花束康乃馨花束 |康乃馨母親節康乃馨花束滿天星花束 |滿天星滿天星花百合花束 |火百合花束鬱金香花束 |紫色鬱金香花束向日葵花束 |太陽花花束向日葵畢業花束

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Neuron Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre






物理治療中心物理治療及運動創傷中心物理治療診所康復中心物理治療物理治療收費標準 |物理治療中心收費物理治療邊間好物理治療香港香港物理治療職業治療物理治療職業治療物理治療分別物理治療服務物理治療物理治療介紹物理治療推薦物理治療推介物理治療費用物理治療價錢物理治療幾錢物理治療時間物理治療項目復健治療項目脊椎治療脊醫物理治療脊椎側彎脊椎側彎物理治療推薦脊骨矯正脊骨矯正收費網球肘網球肘物理治療網球手物理治療五十肩物理治療肩周炎肩周炎物理治療髗骶骨治療髗骶治療筋膜炎筋骨扭傷高低肩高低肩物理治療骨刺骨科物理治療腰頸背痛肩頸腰背痛頸椎性頭痛關節炎| 關節炎治療關節勞損關節退化兒童姿勢矯正姿勢矯正肌肉拉傷拉傷腕管綜合症

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